Having Trouble Finding a Plus Size Wedding Gown?


Finding a plus size wedding dress is not a downhill task. Many designers forget that there are other women outside of the stereotypical trim media portrayal of ladies. It is especially hard to find gorgeous wedding dresses that are made with the plus size bride in mind. Shopping for the bride’s or mother of the bride wedding dresses can be a haranguing and frustrating experience. However, by keeping certain factors in mind a lot of these frustrations can bee quelled:

Know Your Shape

Understanding and accepting your figure is the first step towards success in choosing plus size wedding dresses that fit. A-line shape dresses work best on plus size ladies with curvier hips as it gracefully skims over them. If your bust is advantageously large, a V-neckline wedding dress might be the best idea. On the other hand, every plus size bride should steer away from the full ball gown dresses as they tend to exaggerate the roundness of your figure.

Know Where to Shop

Whether you are shopping for plus size mother of the bride dresses or a bridesmaid dresses, knowing where to shop will reduce the amount of frustrations you have to persevere in search of a wedding gown that actually fits. Although there are many more alluring wedding dresses that they stock, Bride Desire have made a name for themselves as the ultimate designers of ultimate plus size wedding dresses. A quick search in their online boutique will reveal dresses in different cuts and shapes that have made with the plus size bride in mind. Here, we’d like to recommend a very good online bridal store to our readers called the green guide. TheGreenGuide.com carries hundreds of plus size wedding dresses, and plus size mother of the bride dresses at very low prices. Not to mention that all dresses they sell are custom tailored.

Be Comfortable as you shop

It is understandable that you may become a little anxious as you shop for your wedding gown. This especially happens when you are trying to find a plus size mother of the bride dresses that will make her appear with all the glamour of a mother whose daughter is getting married. Remaining calm will however work more advantageous than getting festered. Try on different dresses to make sure that they fit and they will give you maximal comfort during your D-day.

Get it Tailored

If by this time you have given up on a plus size wedding gown that fits, you can choose to have one tailored from scratch. This of course will cost a little more than buying a ready-made wedding dress. It is however worth the extra cost if you can afford it. If on the other hand your budget is limited and you can’t afford a tailor made wedding dresses, you can buy one that comes close to fitting and have a tailor alter a few stitches here and there to make it fit.

Cherish your figure

There is a lot of contradicting advice out there about what you do if you happen to be bestowed with a plus size physique. Much of these advice points towards disguising your body shape, most of these expert advisors forget that a curvaceous body is something to relish in as much you relish in a trim figure. Break some rules and get the plus size wedding dress that has attracted your fancy.

Perfect Ideas for your Perfect Wedding Day

WeddingWho says wedding day preparations are easy? I do! However, it could only be easier if you know how to get things organized from day 1. On the one hand, I don’t blame you if you think that perfect wedding days are quite unachievable, especially that some couples have even hired for a memorable day, which only turned out to be a horrible event. Don’t let these issues ruin your occasion. In fact, you can even have a perfect wedding sans a planner because you only need the right knowledge and assistance to keep it going.

Be Organized since Day 1- Have a timetable of the activities that you will have to do as part of the wedding preparation. This timetable should be organized enough in order to budget your time and to be able to achieve designated tasks properly without sacrificing your regular activities and lifestyle. You should not expect a perfect wedding day if you are planning to have everything organized in the nick of time. Cramming will never do well to any occasion.

Research – If there are terms and ideas that you are not familiar with, research for it. If you are planning to get a planner for your big day and you don’t how much to budget for it and where to find them, research for it. If you love to add more flowers in the church or to book for the best catering vendors in your locality, research for it. Having knowledge on these aspects will give you heads up on what to expect in the event. This will also aid you in making financial-related decisions, so you will not sacrifice any aspect of your wedding day.

Know the Red Flags – First of all, your wedding is your big day, so don’t let a vendor keep you from attaining your perfect wedding day. Never allow blatant vendors to manipulate you because you might end up not wanting their actual ideas and this might affect your mood. Knowing the red flags like unprofessional vendors, unnecessary add-ons, and guest limits are important. These don’t only add to your budget, but these can also cause stress on your supposedly perfect wedding day.

Go Online, Seek Help from Friends and Relatives – If you and your hubby don’t have the luxury of time to set up everything, check online for tips and ways on how you prep up this event. There are tons of wedding sites that contain information in just about any wedding topic. And if you are not satisfied with what you’re doing, get free help from friends and relatives, especially those experts and experienced ones. Surely, you will never get wrong with this.